Mission Statement


Genuine Life is a company currently consisting of young men and women who are both committed and excited about JESUS CHRIST, looking to utilize all of our gifts and talents to bring glory to the Kingdom of CHRIST. We are a Christian based company, whose mission is to preach, teach, promote, and uplift the name and gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Our target audiences are youth and young adults, but we are looking to reach all those in need of the hope we have been promised in CHRIST found in Jeremiah 29:11. To do this our company uses four main platforms, Preaching, Music (hip hop, rhythm and praise, praise and worship) Graphic & Web Design, and Clothing. The scripture that we live by as a business is Proverbs 3:5-6. We consistantly want to allow our lives to shine before men and women in all areas of our life. Please keep Genuine Life in prayer as they continue to follow the call of God on their lives.


Genuine Life Recordz


Genuine Life Recordz (GLR) was established in 2000 in Seattle,WA by Marquis I. Franklin Sr. We are a recording company geared to bringing wholeness, planing for the future and instilling hope in any and every genre we venture into. GLRs main focus is to impact those involved and infuenced through Hip Hop music and it's culture through music and through lifestyle. We have performed our music at churches, clubs, community centers, community festivals, state fairs, schools, universities and more. In the years to come we are seeking to expand our fan base by promoting and marketing our brands in various markets initially across the US thus expanding throughout the world.


Genuine Life Recordz Discograpy


Servant-Change (1998)
Annisfay J. Franklin-You're The One
Annisfay J. Franklin-The Best of Songs of Deliverence VOL 1 & 2
Servant-All Cardz on tha Table (2001)
Annisfay J. Franklin-In His Presence
Jesus Instead of Gangs-Preachin Tha Word (2003)
Jesus Instead of Gangs-Addressing the Tainted Plagiarism (2006)
Foreign Tongues VOL I (2007)
VellVett-The Beginning (2008)
Chay Sutton-The Foreshadow (2009)
Servant-The Fight of Faith (2010)
Foreign Tongues VOL II (2010)


Genuine Life Merchandise


Chameion D. Sutton, has a natural knack for fashion and design and is the Chief Exective of Genuine Life Merchandise(GLM). The vision of GLM is to use our clothing & fashion designs to 1st & foremost promote the Kingdom of Heaven and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to transcend age barriers and create clothing that is appealing to all generations. We pray that our clothing will promote confidence and self-esteem, knowing that with each piece, the Kingdom is being lifted up. We believe that the use of clothing is a great way to have a voice, because many won't take the time to listen, but they still have eyes that see. One plants the seed, another waters it, & GOD gives it increase(1 Corinthians 3:6). One thing that we are not ashamed of is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and GLM will continue to bring quality design and spiritual excellence in all of our merchandise. Currently GLM has clothing and apparel which consists of T-shirts, SweatShirts, Backpacks and Jackets. Within the years to come GLM is excited about venturing into more products and apparel such as hats, jeans, and shoes.


Company Personel



Chay Sutton
Jesus Instead of Gangs



Don Christi'on


Graphic & Web Designers

Marcel Wilson


Marcel Wilson
Nicole Kidd
Marquis Franklin Sr.


Prayer Warriors
Chase Sutton
Precious "LPV" Franklin
Marquis Franklin Sr.
Chameion Sutton


Administrative Assistants
Chase Sutton
Precious "LPV" Franklin
Nicole Kidd



Phone: 425.780.LIFE (5433)

Email: genuinelife@genuinelife.com



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