Don Christi'on

Experience: 14 years +


Objective: Making bangers for the Kingdom, from hip hop to rhythm and praise. Creating 30 beats per season


DNA: Production Variety as far as west coast east coast southern and Midwest music, Original Samples, also specialize in Custom Beats


Equipment: Triton Extreme w/ Sampled Drums, Pro Tools, GarageBand, Bass and Guitar

Discography: VellVett "The Beginning", Foreign Tongues Vol 1 & 2, J.I.G. "Addressing the Tainted
Plagiarism", Te' Luvv "The World Is Not Enough", Advocate "The Way", Chay Sutton "The Foreshadow:Open Ears Open Eyes Open Heart", Big R "Rated R", Tre-9 "The Farmer", RTL "The Maturation Process", FROG & TOAD "The Illustration", Servant "The Fight of Faith", CJ "Ordinary Man Extraordinary GOD", Mission "Decade" & Oracle "Forgetting The Past"


Currently collabing with: Big R, Willie Will, Advocate, Frog&Toad, J.I.G., Oracle, Chay Sutton, Servant, PACMAN, Rick D, Called Un2, Kapp II & You!!!


Contact: 206.453.0581




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